Lomography, VSCO, and the Psychology of Nostalgia

Posted on January 5, 2014

We’ve been playing with Dallas’ new toy–the new version of the old Petzval lens, which we got through Lomography’s Kickstarter campaign–and it has me thinking about the whole subject of lo-fi and retro photography again, which I thought I didn’t like doing for myself, even though I enjoyed seeing those serendipitous, unlikely moments when others got it right. Seems the tide is changing.

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Android RAW API Explained

Ever since the Android team confirmed it was working on an API to give Android users access to RAW files from the camera, there seems to have been some confusion to what this means: One camp asks “I have a DSLR…why would I want to edit RAWs from a phone?” And the other, “I don’t want to do all the extra editing work that comes with RAW files! I just want to post pictures SOOC!” Both of these questions are somewhat misguided, so I wanted to help clarify how the new RAW API will (probably) fit into the Android user experience.

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James Charisma Channels Wolverine

An Ulterior Ego | Oni Con Hawaii 2013

Despite its nearly-monolithic reputation as a surf mecca and vacationer’s paradise, Hawaii has a large and vibrant community of geeks with a wide variety of passions and interests…they’re my people. I always take great joy in any opportunities I have to see them indulge in their interests (some of which involve dressing up as their favorite characters), and there are only a few big ones where they can really enjoy critical mass-levels of geekdom such as that you’d see at San Diego Comic Con. At Kawaii Kon earlier this year, I decided I’d do a photo project that would celebrate local cosplayers by taking candid photos of them being themselves, as opposed to the posed character snapshots I usually see taken of them. At Oni Con Hawaii (a new geek convention, rising from the ashes of HEXXP), I decided to take a different approach: Using my photography skills, and the model coaching skills I’ve picked up while helping Dallas with her fashion photography, I’d help local cosplayers achieve a fuller embodiment of their characters in dramatic portraits. These are my results:

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A Fourth of July | 2013

Posted on July 5, 2013

I don’t know if whether this is just a sign we’re getting older, but this year Dallas and I didn’t really feel like struggling with the crowds and loud explosions to get front-and-center to a fireworks show which could barely be captured at 16mm on a full-frame DSLR, so we instead gathered our friends and met up at Point Panic in Kaka’ako to watch the fireworks from there. Dallas has a tripod but–in my hard-headed compusion to shoot under difficult conditions–I don’t, so instead of scrunching my body up so I can use bone-on-bone contact to stabilize myself enough for a clear shot I decided to shoot artsy abstractions of the show.

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