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Three Years Married

Thoughts on The Marriage, Three Years Later

Posted on July 7, 2013

As the White Twedding anniversary approached, I turned and asked Dallas, “what anniversary is this, anyway?” (Being a man, I’d forgotten) After some quick metal math, Dallas responded it was our third anniversary. After a moment, we both proceeded to fall over in shock.

As a result of the somewhat unusually public nature of our wedding and subsequent marriage, a lot of friends have asked us how to know when they’ve found “the one,” and how to have a successful relationship. For our anniversary, I’m going to give our usual answers (which will undoubtedly sound naive and silly in another 20 years) some of the most frequent questions so that maybe you, too, can fall over in shock that you’ve spent over 10% of your life with a single person before you’ve realized it.

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A Fourth of July | 2013

Posted on July 5, 2013

I don’t know if whether this is just a sign we’re getting older, but this year Dallas and I didn’t really feel like struggling with the crowds and loud explosions to get front-and-center to a fireworks show which could barely be captured at 16mm on a full-frame DSLR, so we instead gathered our friends and met up at Point Panic in Kaka’ako to watch the fireworks from there. Dallas has a tripod but–in my hard-headed compusion to shoot under difficult conditions–I don’t, so instead of scrunching my body up so I can use bone-on-bone contact to stabilize myself enough for a clear shot I decided to shoot artsy abstractions of the show.

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The Cloud Factory Kickstarter

What Kickstarter Shows Us About Making a Living as an Artist

Posted on April 15, 2013

I’ve been watching Kickstarter again lately, as my old “investments” have started delivering and people who interest me are unveiling new projects for their fans to peruse and fund. Kickstarter has always been a topic of never-ending fascination to me for a variety of reasons but, right now, I find it most interesting because it seems to offer high-quality data about what it takes to make a living as an artist…which, turns out, isn’t a lot.

That’s right. While looking at celebrity creatives who sell millions of whatever they make can seem intimidating and unobtainable, Kickstarter is proving that an obtainable few hundred people can provide an artist with a living wage.
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Unmasked | Kawaii Kon 2013

Unmasked | Kawaii Kon 2013

Posted on March 22, 2013

I’ve been going to Kawaii Kon for a few years now, and I was always struck by how all my photos seemed to be either set up or in-character. I’ve always feel like I’m trying to convey something when I take a photo, and this year I wanted to focus more on the people of Kawaii Kon instead of the characters they were portraying, so I made this photo essay about the little moments of Kawaii Kon.

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