A Whole New Year

Posted on January 1, 2014

It about that time again, when people talk about the transition from one year to the next, reminiscing about the past year and speculating about what the next year should bring. I suppose it’s my turn.

2013 was a pretty decent year, full of work and adventures and what can only be described as forward progress in all our endeavors. Memorable places include the big island, Kauai, and–for the first time–Japan. Memorable achievements include Dallas having two covers on stands at once, getting to interview Nobuo Uematsu, Dallas getting nominated as Hawaii Governor’s Fashion Photographer of the Year and, really, too many to count. Memorable experiences include getting hit in the face with a golf ball, and having a beard.


That said, I’m nothing if not forward-looking.

I don’t want to make resolutions (those never seem to work), but I do want to make some sort of statement of intent for the new year. Not necessarily things to do, so much as how I want to approach the year.

First, I want to make use of this blog more. I find it sort of difficult at times because I experience what’s called “impostor syndrome,” and often feel that, while I have good knowledge, I don’t really have much to add to the body of knowledge that’s out there. And yet, in the last year I’ve received pretty consistent hits from Google under the query “making a living as an artist,” and things I share about that subject–whether mine or others’–tend to get big, big traction. If I can’t trust my feelings, I can at least trust the statistics I’ve been collecting, and they say there’s at least an interest, if not a need. While I may not be able to add new knowledge, I’m told I have a unique perspective which leads to interesting mixes. Either way, it’s not like talking to myself in this little corner will bother anyone too much, so look for content about photography (and photo life), creativity, business, marketing, psychology, and the intersections between all those. I’ll also be posting about local stuff because, well, I do still keep tabs on what’s going on in Hawaii.

Also, as part of an effort to blog often, I’m debating the start of a not-365 project. Basically, I’m going to try taking photos every day and posting them, or at least taking a bunch of pictures and leaking them out over time. Warning: they might not all be artsy, because time is often tight, but there will probably be something visual to go with my thoughts.

Second, now that the stress of transition seems to be subsiding, I want to try living healthier in 2014. My weight skyrocketed this year and, while it’s nice to no longer worry that will directly impact my career, I still owe Dallas a six-pack. This will probably require a full-spectrum approach, though. Exercising, eating better, sleeping better, avoiding excessive stress, etc. I don’t know I’ll get there this year, but at the very least I need to trim inches and return to a more normal weight this year.

Third, I want to continue honing my understanding of the Hawaii entrepreneurial community. I feel the winds of change, and see a coming renaissance on the horizon…I hope it will bring with it a tide that will rise all boats and connect us better with the global economy. When that time comes, I want to know how to help people get there. This will, at least in part, involve me going to school, and I plan to enroll into UH Manoa’s business school next year to get my undergraduate degree.

I’m really excited for what the new year will bring. While 2013 is ending with some growing pains, that’s what they are, as our little family finds itself on an unmistakable upward trajectory. I hope next year will see our projects grow and take root, and hopefully see continued success. And I hope that success can lead to better lives for all those around us.

What are your goals for 2014? Is there anything specific you’d like me to share and/or write about?