A New Adventure with #CorollaHI

Exciting news!

Servco Hawaii has asked Dallas and me to test out the 2014 Toyota Corolla and tell everyone what we think! For the next few months, we’ll be driving it around Oahu and tweeting about what we think of the car and how it fits into our lives using the #CorollaHI and #GetIn hashtags.

Rest assured, Dallas and I have not turned into walking billboards. At first we were hesitant to take the offer because we didn’t want to end up having to bother everyone with tons of sponsored content about the car, but the Servco team’s pitch was too good to ignore:

We don’t want you to talk about the car, we want you to talk about the exciting places and adventures the car can take you to in Hawaii!

So, what does this mean? At Servco’s request, Dallas and I will be adventuring a little more than we have been in the last few months and sharing more photos from these adventures, on our profiles and the Toyota Hawaii Facebook page. If we notice the car making our adventures easier or more exciting–say, for example, excellent gas mileage on a trip around the whole island–then we’ll talk about it. This should help show how the Corolla fits in the lives of Honolulu’s young, adventurous crowd, instead of just talking about abstract features. We won’t be making every tweet about the Corolla, even when we’re adventuring in it. Just the parts that matter.

We’ll also be promoting contests and events, but we’ve talked to the Servco team about them and have made sure it’s stuff we think all of you might enjoy, like the recent TEDxHonolulu after-party or the upcoming Xbox One giveaway.

The project is sponsored by Servco so, in the interest of transparency, a few disclosures: In addition to lending us the 2014 Corolla and standard things like paying for gas, insurance, and vehicle storage, Servco is paying Dallas a small stipend to help offset any income lost from turning down paid work in favor of adventuring. Servco has encouraged us to be honest about the car, though, so there shouldn’t be any conflict of interest; they don’t want us to “steer” you wrong…I have a feeling they’re confident in the Corolla!

Feel free to ask us questions about the car while we have it, or to suggest adventures Dallas and I should embark on now that Servco has kindly given us the time to do them. We’re hoping this will be a positive and fun experience for everyone, as much for you guys as it is for us.

Here’s to the next couple months!