November 2013

James Charisma Channels Wolverine

An Ulterior Ego | Oni Con Hawaii 2013

Despite its nearly-monolithic reputation as a surf mecca and vacationer’s paradise, Hawaii has a large and vibrant community of geeks with a wide variety of passions and interests…they’re my people. I always take great joy in any opportunities I have to see them indulge in their interests (some of which involve dressing up as their favorite characters), and there are only a few big ones where they can really enjoy critical mass-levels of geekdom such as that you’d see at San Diego Comic Con. At Kawaii Kon earlier this year, I decided I’d do a photo project that would celebrate local cosplayers by taking candid photos of them being themselves, as opposed to the posed character snapshots I usually see taken of them. At Oni Con Hawaii (a new geek convention, rising from the ashes of HEXXP), I decided to take a different approach: Using my photography skills, and the model coaching skills I’ve picked up while helping Dallas with her fashion photography, I’d help local cosplayers achieve a fuller embodiment of their characters in dramatic portraits. These are my results:

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