#SchoolofFresh: Hawaii Photographers Talk Shop at Fresh Cafe

Posted on August 3, 2013

Dallas was recently invited to talk on a panel along with other respected Hawaii photographers, such as John Hook, Jonas Maon, and Mark Kushimi. They let me sneak onto the big-boy table as well. I got a few requests to stream or post this on the internet after it was done, so I brought along my trusty field mic…only to be thwarted by a very loud air conditioner. Even so, the audio is fairly cleaned up, the speakers are intelligible, and it does not sound like a vacuum cleaner is going off the whole time. If you’ve got nothing to do, there’s about an hour and a half of great insight in there.

The player should work on phones and desktops but, in case you want to hear the MP3 on something special or just want to squirrel it away, here’s the direct download link. Just right-click and hit “save as.”

As always, any more questions are welcome in the comments. I may edit this later to add links to all the speakers, because they are awesome.