A Fourth of July | 2013

Posted on July 5, 2013

I don’t know if whether this is just a sign we’re getting older, but this year Dallas and I didn’t really feel like struggling with the crowds and loud explosions to get front-and-center to a fireworks show which could barely be captured at 16mm on a full-frame DSLR, so we instead gathered our friends and met up at Point Panic in Kaka’ako to watch the fireworks from there. Dallas has a tripod but–in my hard-headed compusion to shoot under difficult conditions–I don’t, so instead of scrunching my body up so I can use bone-on-bone contact to stabilize myself enough for a clear shot I decided to shoot artsy abstractions of the show.

I love the shot below because I successfully turned the city lights into a plethora of hearts. Unexpectedly, though, the park’s geography gave those hearts vanishing point which led to the fireworks, making the cityscape look like gamma rays escaping a nuclear explosion and (in my mind) turning everyone into love-hulks.

If you look carefully in the following photo, you can see the audience is still there, shadows enjoying the spectacle of light which shapes them.

And my last shot of the night. I had been trying to retain city detail and some sky in the shots leading up to this one, but I decided I wanted to get a longer, more flowy, and more saturated shot. Dallas pointed out this is probably the best, most interesting image of the set in terms of shape, movement, and color. Unfortunately, the show ended right after this, otherwise I might have delivered a few more like it. But there’s always next year.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!