Unsafe Dancer: A Morning with Peter Gonsalves

Posted on July 1, 2013

We first met Peter at the Kailua Whole Foods, where he’s an award-winning barista. With a quick smile and a quicker wit, we quickly gained an affinity for Peter and got to know him, coffee by coffee, over the year we’ve lived in K-town. We always said we wanted to shoot him, but we’re all such busy people nothing ever lined up…until now.

Pete is an interesting character. A literary buff with a shine for authors like Oscar Wilde or F. Scott Fitzgerald who translates translates the spirit of the heady, classic prose he loves into lyrics. With a folksy, hipster flair, Pete and his music almost seem more at home in the pacific northwest than Honolulu’s ska and jawaiian-dominated music scene…but after a stint in the nitty gritty, Peter decided Hawaii was the place for him. In light of this, you should play some of his music (the linked cover is less than 24 hours old as of this writing) while you check out the photos from the lifestyle shoot that happened while I was waiting for my other friend Pete…it will really drive home just how folksy this kid that showed up to the shoot with a knapsack stuffed with old literature and a book of scrawled quotes is. All the stuff shot belongs to him.

Feel free to let us know what you think about my photos or Peter’s music in the comments!

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You can find Peter here: